What kinds of coaching are available?

Coach.me is a free app (for iPhone, Android and the web) where you have a place to track progress on all your goals. What makes Coach.me different is that you also get personalized help with reaching your goals.  We currently offer:

  • Self-coaching with Community Support: every goal has a Q&A section where you can get help and share tips with others working on the same goals. You can also help cheer each other by giving props when people check in.  FREE!
  • Individual Habit Coaching: subscribe to coaching via private chat with a coach who provides the support and tips you need to make daily progress.

    $25 per week or $87 per month USD. Cancel at any time Learn more about one-on-one chat coaching here. Some coaches offer their own coaching packages at rates they set themselves; you'll see pricing information on each coach's profile page.

  • High-Impact Leadership coaching: leadership/business coaching for those looking for their first executive coach. You get a private kick-off call with the coach of your choice and daily consultation via chat. $249/month. Get details here.
  • Phone consultation: hire a coach to do an in-depth phone consultation. One-time charge; rates vary. Learn more about phone consultations here.

You can combine one-on-one chat coaching and phone consultation if you like (and if the coach offers both). You can hire more than one habit coach if you like, but each one is priced separately.

All prices are in USD (US Dollars).

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