What is One-on-One Chat Coaching?

One-on-one coaching via chat is a weekly subscription to personal service from a coach on Coach.me.  When you sign up for one-on-one coaching, you'll get a message from your coach within 24 hours.  They'll begin working with you on your goal right away via a text chat window in the Coach.me application.

RISK-FREE! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Your coaching subscription will bill weekly or monthly until you cancel, and you can cancel at any time. If you sign up with a coupon for a week free, you won't be billed until the second week, and you can cancel before your second week begins. If you're not happy with your coaching experience (or if you meant to cancel and you forget to do so before you're billed), we want to know about it—and we'll be happy to give you a refund.  Just contact us at feedback+billing@coach.me and we'll take care of it!

Coaching chat is available on all platforms: iOS, Android, and Web.

What Do You Get with One-on-one Chat Coaching?

  • Mentorship and accountability. The coaches listed inside Coach.me have personal, rather than theoretical, experience in that goal.
  • Advice. Coaches often have expertise that will be helpful for you. Ask for advice.
  • Coaches should check in with you nearly every day (according to a schedule that you work out together).

What Don’t You Get?

  • Therapy or medical advice.
  • Phone or in-person consultations.

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