What are plans and how do I create one?

There are two types of goals you can add to your Coach.me dashboard.  One type is a daily habit.  The other is a step-by-step plan with specific tasks to get you towards your goal. Both of them work the same way from the dashboard: you check in daily to record your progress. Habits are for general repetitive tasks; plans are for habits you need to shape in specific ways.

Plans include daily instructions to help you reach your goals; they're step-by-step courses that help you make specific progress. When you go to your Coach.me dashboard, you'll see the step for today; complete the step and check in.  Tomorrow you'll see a new step to complete. Here are some examples of plans:
Anyone can create a plan or add another user's plan to their dashboard.  Plans offer more options for customizations than habits.  If you are a plan creator, you can add a photo for the plan; you can also edit the plan content.
Create plans on the web here: https://www.coach.me/plans/new
Edit your existing plans here:  https://www.coach.me/plans/admin

Many plans are free to us; Coach.me coaches can create paid plans which you'll need to purchase before adding them to your dashboard.  When you purchase a plan, the purchase is a one-time charge the plan is yours to use as long as you like.

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