Getting Started with helps you reach your goals through coaching, community, and data to help you make daily progress on things that matter. On the most basic level, you add habits to your dashboard and check in on them daily when you complete them. This basic accountability provides a surprisingly powerful incentive to keep you on track.
You can use on the  web or on your phone via the  iPhone and  Android apps.  This tutorial assumes you've already created a account. If you haven't, you can sign up now at the  home page or through the app. 

Setting up your habits

To get started, you need to add at least one habit to your dashboard.  Tap the + symbol at the top right of your dashboard. Here's how that looks on the web, on Android, and on iOS respectively:

You'll see several goal categories; tap on a category to see popular habits related to that goal. 

Here we'll choose "Get Fit" to see the plans and habits in that category:

You can browse sub-categories or select habits directly from the list. Here, we'll scroll down and choose "Exercise"—a basic habit with lots of other participants, and lots of available coaches.  Choosing popular habits is a good way to ensure you'll have plenty of opportunity to harness the power of the community in reaching your goals. You'll see the goal detail screen for your habit; if it looks good, tap "Join" to add it to your dashboard.

When you add a habit to your dashboard, you'll see several options to make the most of features:

Here's what each option does:
  • Get Props 
    Here's where you can set privacy on this habit. Turning on privacy will hide your choice of this habit, and any check-ins and notes for it, from other users. Note, however, that if you post anything in the Q&A for this habit, your posts will be public, so someone could deduce that you are participating in it.
  • Set a Weekly Target
    There are some habits you might want to do less than 7 days a week.  Here's where you can set your goal for the number of times a week you intend to complete it.
  • Get Reminded:
    Set reminders for when you'd like to get an email or device reminder for this habit.
  • Hire a coach
    Here's where you can find coaches to help you stay accountable and reach success with your goals.
Go ahead and add several habits to your dashboard. Most people do best when they're working on 3-8 habits. In some cases, you might want to add a habit that doesn't appear in one of the top categories.  In that case, you can search for it...if it's not there already, you'll see an option to create it. Here, let's search for and then add the habit "Practice drone nav". Tap on the new habit name to create it:

Checking In

Once you've got your initial habits in place, you can start using to check in. When you've completed your habit for the day, tap on it to get to the habit detail screen.  You'll see a big grey circle with a check mark.  Tap that to check in, and it will turn solid green. You can also make a note about today's check-in:

As you check in during the day, you'll see your dashboard change to indicate what's already been done.  On iOS, checked items will drop to the bottom of the list:

Sometimes you might need to go back a day or two to add check-ins.  You can back-date check-ins for the past week.  On the web or Android, click/tap the down-arrow next to "Today" to select a different day. On iOS, you can tap the back arrow next to the date to move back a day at a time.

That's the basics of using just add your habits and then begin checking in on them daily. There's lots of other features: the Q&A, activity feeds where you can check in on your friends' progress and cheer them on, and the most powerful feature of all: private coaching.  Check out more about these features via our  FAQ.  If you don't find your answers there, drop us a note at and we'll be happy to help!

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