How do I add a habit?

Click on the + sign at the top right of your dashboard.  Then type in the goal name and press "search", or browse the popular categories that appear below the search box. If an existing goal with that name is found, it will be listed; click on it and then tap Join to add it to your dashboard.

If it's not there already, you'll see an option all the way at the bottom to add it as a new goal.  Click on that to create the goal, but then be sure to also click Join on the next screen to add it to your dashboard.
Before creating a new goal, consider using one of the ones that already exist. You can set your activity on that goal to private if you like. The advantages of using a goal that are:
  • You can find coaches more easily in the future if you decide to boost your work on that goal
  • You'll see the Q&A section of that goal, where others are participating to help with tips and answer questions
  • If you become a coach yourself someday, you'll have a better chance at getting clients if you're using a popular goal.
Use the links below if you're interested in setting privacy on your goal.


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