How does privacy work?

You can set privacy for each of your goals. Tap on the goal to go to its detail screen; from there, tap the three dots that appear at the top right to open the  Coaching Options menu. You'll see an option for Privacy there, which will allow you to change your privacy settings for that goal.

Turning on privacy for a goal keeps your check-ins and notes for that goal private, and will prevent that goal from showing up on your profile. However, asking or answering questions in the Q&A section for that goal is always public.
We do not have an option for private profiles. If privacy is a concern, you should use a psuedonym (you can change your name in your profile settings).
There is not an option to lock the app on your phone at this time.
Chats with your coach are private between you and your coach.  Your chat transcript disappears from the coach's view and from your own when you cancel coaching. Anonymized transcripts are viewed by staff to evaluate coaches as part of their certification process.
If you have a coach, they can add a new goal to your dashboard. If they do, that goal will be private by default. You can change it to public if you like—your chat is still private of course!
If you use the Facebook login option, a link to your Facebook profile appears on your profile.  To remove it, please go into Settings and disconnect Facebook; use your email and password to login instead.
Your data is removed when you delete your account.

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