How do I access community features?

You can follow friends on to cheer them on, or you can help support others who are working on the same habits as you. To set up followers, on iOS tap Me at the bottom right, then tap the gear icon at top right. Tap Find Friends.  On the web or Android, tap your profile photo at top right and choose Find Friends. You can add friends you're connected with on Twitter or Facebook, or you can search and invite friends here.
From your dashboard you can view your friends' activity by tapping on the icon that looks like a bulleted list; it appears at the bottom of the screen on iOS, and at the top on the web or Android. If your friends have checked into habits, you'll see their check-ins there and you can prop them or leave encouraging comments.  (If you don't have any friends connected in, you'll see a global activity feed of everyone.)
You can also get to know others who are working on the same habits as you.  If you tap through to the goal detail screen, you'll see a list of everyone who's also checked into that habit recently. Tap the arrow next to that to see an activity feed for that habit. From there you can prop folks and cheer them on.

You'll also see a Q&A section on the habit detail screen. Q&A is a way to ask questions or answer questions that others have left about the challenges of that habit. It's a great way to share tips and offer advice!

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