I'm not getting reminders!

These are the most common causes of problems with reminders:

  • The device settings for the Coach.me app don't have push notifications turned on.  to check on iPhone, please go to your iPhone's Settings, then "Notification Center", then "Coach.me".  On Android, go into settings and "Apps" or "Application Manager"; look for the Coach.me app in the list and check to see that notifications are turned on.
  • Go into the Coach.me app and your reminder settings there to make sure you have days selected for the reminders.  Sometimes people set the reminder time but then don't select the days for the reminders.
  • Your phone must have an active data connection/internet access for reminders to work. Also make sure your phone isn't in airplane mode.
If all else fails, removing the app from your device and reinstalling it is worth a try.  That often fixes odd problems when we've looked at everything else.  Don't worry, your check-in data will still be there; it's stored with your account and not on the phone.

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