How do time zones, time and dates work in

Here's the basics of how time zones work:

  • The time zone setting in is used for sending reminders.
  • The date on the dashboard is based on your device date and time. However, on the iPhone app (only!), we don't change the date until 4am the next morning, because we realize that most people checking in at that time are actually checking in for the previous calendar day.
  • Also, when you check in, the device time is also sent to the server. We note what day you're checking in for. So it's possible to check in twice within 24 hours if you switch timezones in between.

To check's settings for the time zone:

On iOS (iPhone): 
1. Tap "Me" at the bottom of the screen.
2. Tap the gear symbol at upper right
3. Choose "settings"
4. Scroll down to Timezone

On the web or on an Android device:
1. Tap the down arrow next to your profile picture (upper right corner)
2. Tap "settings"
3. Scroll down to Timezone 

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