Pausing Your Coaching Subscription

If you have a coach (or coaches) and you're going to be offline for vacation or other reasons, you can temporarily pause your coaching subscription.

To pause your coaching, login to your account  via the web and open your coaching chat window. (The pause feature is not yet available on the iOS app.)

Tap the gear icon at the upper right and choose Pause subscription:

Then choose the number of days you wish to pause for, up to 30:

If you return early, you can remove the pause by simply typing in a message to your coach, or you can end the pause by clicking the gear icon and and choosing Resume Coaching.  Your coach will see a notification that you've returned.

When you pause your subscription, your billing will be paused also, and your billing cycle will resume at the end of the pause. You'll still get receipts for billing during this time, but you'll see that they're for $0.00.

You cannot send messages to your coach during a pause, but your coach can still send you messages. Remember: if you send a message to your coach, it will automatically remove the pause and your subscription will start again.

You'll get an email reminder the day before your pause ends.

Pauses Initiated by Coaches

Sometimes coaches also have vacation or other time off. Your coach will contact you if they plan to take time off, and they'll initiate the pause themselves. Your billing will be paused during this time also, so you will not be charged for it, but you can continue to send messages to your coach (and they can send notes to you during their pause if they choose to do so).

You'll always see a notice in your chat window if your subscription is paused:

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